About Us

As family members supporting aging relatives and professionals working in the senior care services space, we became aware of a need in the market for a one-stop resource to help educate and match aging adults to senior living and care options based on their lifestyle and needs.

So, we created AgingChoices. In the beginning, we focused on making it easier for senior care providers to learn more about their customers to personalize their services.

Then we expanded our efforts to include improving the experience of searching for senior living and care options for aging adults and their loved ones.

Each of our journeys in life is personal and unique. That means every search is a bit different and should be individualized for the best results.

As you work to determine what’s next, and maybe even after that, there’s a lot to consider. AgingChoices is here to help and is committed to providing quality information and precise matching to help you find the right choice—as simply as possible.

The Founders

Terri Sullivan

My family’s experience with senior care services started with my grandmother Betty. When she began to experience health issues, we realized that she needed some support.

Betty had a strong social network and chose a senior living community because she knew the owner and had some friends living there.

She moved into Assisted Living, but sadly it was the wrong choice for her. Although Betty needed some temporary help with her daily activities, she was sharp cognitively. She found herself having meals with folks that she couldn’t connect or communicate with.

Betty was miserable.

Through some exploration, we were able to help her move into Independent Living. She purchased an apartment and paid a monthly fee for amenities and services. This changed everything! Betty could come and go by herself and get assistance if needed.

Betty stayed in this community until her death. After her passing, it took two years to sell her apartment, but the estate continued to pay the monthly fees until the sale.

At the time, I knew nothing about senior care support options. After that experience, I joined a startup in Boston focused on using technology to help improve the quality of life for older adults and communication for families. I have not left the industry since.

I am proud and passionate about helping older adults and their families get educated and matched to the right senior care options based on their lifestyle and needs.

Brenda Limone

As the daughter of an 86-year-old mom and 91-year-old dad, and as a working professional in the senior living industry, I understand the need for a trusted source to educate and match aging consumers and their families to the right choices.

Making decisions about senior living and care is often difficult—and so is finding the best options. Most people aren’t aware of all there is to know and consider until they or a loved one gets older and their needs start to change.

For some families, sudden health-related issues or situations at home prompt the search for a new solution for a loved one. In those cases, it’s even more critical to quickly identify senior living and care options in their area.

There is more information about hotel rooms than is available about senior living options. Our mission is to change that. We are living in the time of the Longevity Economy, which represents the significant contribution made to the U.S. economy by the purchase of goods and services for Americans over the age of 50.

I feel fortunate to be part of the passionate team that is helping to empower this growing population. We strive to help aging people and their loved ones feel confident about their decisions by equipping them with reliable, unbiased information and personalized recommendations for senior living and care.