About Us

As family members supporting aging relatives and professionals working in the senior care services space, we realized the need to help provide a one-stop resource to help educate and match aging adults to options that make sense for them based on their lifestyle and growing needs. Let’s face it, these decisions often come on swiftly and take us all by surprise when needed. No one sits down and thinks “I am going to educate myself on aging care options today!”.

Initially, we started with tools to help senior care providers get to know their customers better and personalize their services. In that process, we decided that it needed to go one step further and focus on the consumer of these services. This is a personal decision; each person is unique and needs to find the right choice for them. So, AgingChoices was born. It is our commitment to try and balance quality information, precise matching and simplicity as much as possible. This will grow and change with time. If you have feedback, please feel free to share via our contact us page. Thank you for visiting AgingChoices!

The Founders

Terri Sullivan

My family’s experience with senior care services started with my Grandmother, Betty. Betty was experiencing health issues and it was concluded that she needed support. Through her strong social network, she chose a senior living community because she knew the owner and some friends that lived there. She moved into assisted living but sadly it was the wrong choice. Although she needed some temporary help with her activities of daily living, cognitively she was sharp. She was having meals daily with folks that she could not connect or communicate with. Betty was miserable. Through some exploration, we were able to help her move into Independent Living. She purchased the apartment and paid a monthly fee for the amenities and services. This changed everything. She could come and go herself and get assistance if needed. Betty stayed in this community until her death. After her passing, it took two years to sell her apartment but the estate continued to pay the monthly fees until the sale. At the time, I knew nothing about senior care support options. Following that experience, I joined a startup in Boston focussed on using technology to help improve the quality of life of older adults and to improve communications for families and have not left the industry since. I am proud and passionate about giving older adults and their families the opportunity to get educated and matched to the right senior care options based on their lifestyle and needs.

Brenda Limone

As a daughter of an 85-year-old mom and 90-year-old dad and as a working professional in the senior housing industry, I appreciate the need for a trusted source to educate and match aging consumers and their families to the right housing and care options. Making these decisions is difficult and and so is finding the best options. Consumers want to drive their own decisions based on their specific needs, unbiased information, and personalized recommendations . The longevity economy is ready for change and I feel fortunate to be part of the passionate team that has helped make this happen.